White Crowned Sparrow

This is the friend I was talking about yesterday! (Click here to see what “friend” I was talking about) It took us a little bit of digging to figure out that the American… Continue reading

American Tree Sparrow

This is an American Tree Sparrow.  The sparrow only passes by Edmonton on it’s migration route. These guys are one of our new ground foraging friends. At the time that I took these photos we… Continue reading


I love to photograph insects and although all insects are difficult to take pictures of, butterflies give me the most difficulty. Last year every single picture I got they were resting on a… Continue reading

18th Birthday

The 18th birthday is very important milestone in life. Filipino’s don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this exciting time in life. They don’t celebrate the same way that most Canadians do, which is to get… Continue reading

Camo Frog

Now that all of the snow has melted (hooray!!) our bird watching area has turned into a marsh. This has lead to an abundance of new birds, insects, and frogs…lots of frogs.  While we silently… Continue reading


While Zac and I sat on some rocks watching the ducks in the pond I noticed a peaceful scene. I have seen many pictures that use a rock in the foreground with a… Continue reading


I don’t know if you have ever noticed this, but when you are near water whether it’s a pond or a puddle and the air still you can see the reflections of your surroundings in… Continue reading

Goose and the Gull

With spring comes lots of new birds and including Canadian Geese. Since I live in a newly developed area with a decent sized pond I expected to see a ton of  geese flocking… Continue reading

Birding Video

Hey! So I have taken a little break from photography to try out some video in the past week. I can shoot video but I am not very good at putting videos together.… Continue reading

Rainbow Water

Yes this exists! Magical Rainbow Water. Drink this and you will instantly have all the special powers you always wished you had! Gotcha! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there really was such a thing? … Continue reading

Northern Flicker

Zac and I were sitting silently in hopes of spotting the Pileated Woodpecker once again when we were surprised by a Northern Flicker. It is always so exciting to see a new animal… Continue reading

Free Money and a New Lens

- This weekend there was an awesome photography expo held at McBain Camera. Zac and I woke up extra early (4:30 am) to be first in line. The first 64 people in line received a… Continue reading

New Birds!

I was on hiatus from blogging for a little bit. This was not completely by choice it was mostly because I have had to prioritize school and birding before blogging. While I was on the aperture (photography… Continue reading

The Sly Downy Woodpecker

While spending lots of time in the forest I have began to notice the different personalities of the common birds. For example the Chickadees are very curious and unafraid of anything. Nuthatches are… Continue reading

Spring is Near

Spring is so close. I can feel it! The weather reports for our city are predicting otherwise. I won’t believe them, I will not believe that we are supposed to get another 10-20 cm… Continue reading