Waiting for the Snow to go Away

Edmonton has been blessed with beautiful winter so far. That was until about a week ago. There has been a huge snow storm sweeping the city. For those of you that are sitting in… Continue reading

Horsing Around

Zac and I were driving around the Alberta countryside hopefully spot some cool wildlife. One the adventure we saw a red pole  pheasants, and a blue jay. It’s uncommon to see blue jays around at this… Continue reading


If you are following my blog you can probably tell I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky. Since I live in the northern hemisphere, I often get to see… Continue reading

M n M’s

This is just a quick little post to say how awesome I think the Canon 50 mm 1.4 lens is. I recently invested in one and I couldn’t be happier with the lens!… Continue reading

The Eagle and the Owls

The Bald Eagle, Great Grey Owl, and Northern Hawk Owl – we saw all of them on our drive last weekend to Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. We had a blast. I have… Continue reading

Seeing Double

This is a follow up to the post From Sunrise to Sunset because the posts are about photographing the sun. In this post the photograph is of sunrise. What do I think is so… Continue reading

From Sunrise to Sunset

In Alberta we are known for cold winters, dry summers, and sprawling country sides. Most people don’t think of Alberta as a place with stunning sunrises or sunsets, which is unfortunate, because the… Continue reading

Identity Crises

Here I am. I took this photo a while ago. At the time I was not feeling to good about myself. I was grumpy. When I am grumpy and down I usually feel… Continue reading

Qali Snowfall

So…I caught the sickness that seems to have been going around. You know the sore throat, pulsing headache, and feeling like your on the verge of an  ear infection type of cold. This… Continue reading

Coral Spot

I feel like a researcher and a tracker while Zac and I walk around in the woods. We take note of new animal tracks, different sounds, what may causing creatures to do what… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays is a huge trend among bloggers and social media-ites all over. Normally it is not something that I would do. But I needed to share how much I miss the summer and I… Continue reading

A Walk in the Park

Since the weather was so beautiful outside Zac and I decided to spend a few hours strolling around Harwelak Park. We had a mission for our walk; that was to spot lots and… Continue reading

City Wildlife

I have been on a blogging vacation for the past little while. I did not have to venture far, just to the forest next to my house. I fell like I abandoned my… Continue reading

Bell Tower Shoes

It’s a hot sunny Saturday morning. The farmers market is bustling and city halls pool is filled with joyful kids. There are two soon to be students running around downtown working hard and… Continue reading

Sunday Night Lights

The holiday season makes me so happy! I am so drawn into pretty lights! I am like a moth, I see lights and I go. So as you can imagine during the holiday… Continue reading