Behind the Scene

Let us start off with some Christmas cheer! This little Christmas trees sits in the basement of my house. The photo I took of it was taken from below, like a worms eye… Continue reading

Science is Fun

School is nearing its end, well for the semester anyways. So Zac (who is a video student) and I are cramming out final projects like nobody’s business and I am napping as I… Continue reading


I am long and overdue for a post. Life gets a little busy sometimes as I’m sure you all know! Here is a collaboration of photos for you guys and a little story… Continue reading


I love so many things today; I love fall, maple leaves, pumpkin candles, walking, days to do nothing, shopping, flower shops, coffee, tea and so much more! I spent my day today walking… Continue reading

Bush Fire

I have recently moved to a gorgeous area in Edmonton, unfortunately my stay is short since I going to be relocating – again – in a week. In the mean time I have… Continue reading

My Love

This is the love of my life, Zac! We had fun on a nature walk we went on together last weekend. He is so wonderful. Zac always tells me that if I need… Continue reading

Edmonton Core

I have had many people tell me they hate Edmonton. Sure, Edmonton is not the best city to live in if you aren’t in trades or….trades, but it is a pretty city in… Continue reading

Seagulls are Cool

Seagulls are most definitely the rats of the sky. I think you become so used to the common gull in your area that you don’t really take a second to look and think how pretty… Continue reading

Thankful Thinking

I am very happy to be doing some blog posts again and share my love for the world with you all! This picture was my desktop background for about 2 weeks (that is a long… Continue reading

Strong Feelings

2 posts, 2 days in a row… no way! It amazes me that I have the time to do such a thing! To be honest, I cheated and scheduled a post – so you are… Continue reading

Do what you love.

Hey everyone! Being the student that I am, homework seems to be ruling my life lately. I have a moment now so I just wanted to do a little post and and express… Continue reading


Something about the repetition on power lines I find nearly entrancing. It is probably the way the eye follows the cables. Today I am feeling so jittery, nervous and anxious. Why? I do not know. I… Continue reading


If you have been following me for a while you may be aware of my childhood interests in becoming a bug photographer. Well lately I have also been doing tons of nature walks. Since I… Continue reading

Scream at the top of your lungs!

Zac has picked up a new hobby, bird watching. Initially I was a bit hesitant about the idea but now that I have been able to practice some more nature, wildlife, and bug… Continue reading


I love the way the beams lead your eye right to that connecting point and not the light but you aawknowledge that it is there. The composition drew me in right away. I… Continue reading