Kona at the Waterfall

British Columbia is beautiful at every corner you turn. I am bound and determined to live in Victoria someday, hopefully soon.  If you have never been there before, you absolutely need to go. On our trip we went out to Mystic Beach for a day. There was an awesome waterfall along the ocean. The water was very cold because the weather hadn’t been the warmest lately. Afterall they were calling this June, Juneuary. Kona, who is one of Zac’s little cousins, was very brave in challenging the waterfall first. It was fun to jump through and get splashed by crystal clear and refreshing water. Everyone soon followed suit and had a blast getting soaked.

Now that I am back I will be back to posting a photo daily. So keep following me to see more awesome photos!

captured from a little article I read today:

Change equals growth, not pain.