Mount Robson

Mt.Robson is the largest mountain in Rocky Mountain range. Unfortunately while we were here the peak was to high in the clouds for us to see it. But the looming effect of the clouds makes it somehow seem much taller.  I was happy that on our drive back to Alberta the peak was 100% visible, I did not get the chance to snap a picture though. At the base of the mountain there is the most beautiful meadow filled with endless amounts of colorful Lupins. As cheesy as this may sound Zac and I spent probably around an hour frolicking in the meadow snapping pictures. I feel so fortunate that such a marvel is only a few hour drive from where I live. It still surprises me when I have friends that have never even seen a mountain in their life. If you are ever at the Mt.Robson, please heed my warning, there are bugs that bite. That leave massive bites! I am not trying to scare you, just making sure that you remember to where bug repellant.

Fun tip (aside from wearing bug repellant at Mt.Robson)

When you are not feeling like you are in the best mood write a list of thing that you LOVE not just things that make you happy or that you are grateful for. A love list is much better.

Some of the things that would be on my list today:

I love the sun.

I love being stress free.

I love hugs.

Make these as simple or detailed as you would like.