Little Flower

Walking around Goldstream park there is tons of new growth. As much as I love large blooming flowers and ancient tress there is something very special about new growth, especially in an old growth forest. It’s simplicity is beautiful and refreshing. I am a person who believes that you must keep your head held high. But sometimes when I am in a new place I have difficulty looking away from the ground. You never know what you will find. With my head hung low I spotted this gem under a piece of drift wood this little sprout of a flower peered out below a spider’s web. Unable to pick it, I still had to have it, in a photo.

Excitement is important in daily life. I always try to be excited about things. For example: showering, sleeping, eating, seeing the one you love, seeing family, no money, long work days, new challenges, gold and new habits, thunderstorms, and all the little things. There is so much in life that we pass by and never take time to see the joy in, good or bad.