Prayer Candles

St Josephs basilica is a beautiful church on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton. Since it is within Edmonton’s downtown they normally have the doors locked, shut and a security guarded. This church has a nunnery, a beautiful garden, and is very grand. I have wanted to go into St.Josephs Basilica ever since I first laid eyes on it, being a sucker for gorgeous architecture. While doing photography work this weekend I got the opportunity to go inside the  basilica and shoot some photos. I was ecstatic! This photo is a table of little prayer candles (I also happen to have a fascination with candles) I think I could have stayed inside St.Josephs all day taking photos. But, Even though I did ask security if I could take photos, Zac thought it was not very polite for me to be taking pictures inside the church and dragged me out.

What I learned from this experience:

Take advantage of every opportunity. It may be the only one!