Capital Ex Fireworks

Fireworks, in my opinion, are one of the most difficult thing to photograph, if your camera doesn’t have a firework setting. On saturday night I got a very exciting opportunity. My boyfriends uncle was visiting the family and he happened to be good friends with a fireworks crew that was doing a job here in Edmonton. After a few calls and texts he hooked us up with front row seats to the firework launches at Capital Ex! We got the chance to go down right to the “hot zone” where they launch the shows. It was so cool being that close to the action!  I brought my tripod and camera, of course.

With fireworks you have about a 10 minute span to get all the shots you want. I didn’t quit figure out that I needed to set my cameras focus in infinity or get the right shutter speed until about the last 2 minutes. Most of my pictures turned out blurry except for the grand finale, so I got the most important part.  Afterwards we had a few drinks with the couple of members of the crew and learned some stuff about the fireworks industry. For us that was a once in a lifetime experience, for them it is daily life. How awesome is that?

At concerts, unless you are media, never bring your expensive SLR camera (if you care about it)

We went to the Lights Concert last night and someone learned this lesson the hard. It is just an annoyance to everyone behind you that can not see. If you do bring it then only take a couple of pictures or film one song. Not the whole freaking show!