Blast to Winter

So you’re sitting at home in your +30°C weather? Amazing. I am too! But as I went on a trek through my tons of old photos, I came across this one.

The day was the coldest day we had all winter and I was so bundled up and cozy that I thought it was a perfect chance for a self-portrait. I love this photo and without running the risk of sounding conceded I am so drawn into my eyes here.

It is cool to think about everything that has changed since this day. Even though it was probably only about 6 months ago it really seems so long ago. It was a stressful, sad, exciting, joyous, wonderful, challenging and rewarding few months. I have pursued and succeeded in so much. I am a much happier person. A much healthier person. A much stronger person. I only get better as time goes by. I am so thankful for life and every opportunity it presents to me. I would not change one thing that has happened, because I can’t, but if I could choose time would stay exactly the same.

Do you have lots of regrets? Forget them because you can not undo what has been done or said. At the moment you made any one choice, it was the best thing that could have been decided.