Fancy Swan

This was the first wild swan I had ever seen in my life! Although it looks like he is just sitting and waiting for his portrait to be snapped. It was multiple triggers before I caught the swan! His feathers are all rustling because he was sitting preening his feathers for a while and then we disturbed his peace. It was cool that he was standing on the end of the sandbar so he reflected perfectly into the water.

It’s interesting that swans are known as being beautiful and graceful birds which are such feminine qualities, yet I still refer to it as he. It’s definitely unique the way the brain works!


Let the energy of life flow by:

☞ Letting go of fear

☞ Giving freely

☞ Get clear on exactly what you want – and ask for it

☞ Receiving

That totally sounds like the most hippy-dippy thing ever. But it is true.

You can read the whole article and get more in-depth on each point here: