St.Joseph’s Basilica

Someone has requested to see some more photos of the St.Josephs Basillica. Here they are! Instead of doing a bunch of posts with one photos each I just decided to pop a couple into one. It is so beautiful in here. When I was in Montreal a couple of years ago I went to the Notre Dame Basilica and to be honest I was not too impressed. You pay 10$ to get. Then yes, you see a beautiful church. And you get to watch a little Powerpoint presentation. And then – you get to fight around the many tourists to try to get a photo of the beautiful building without a ton of people (which wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t all tourists). I guess what I am trying to say is that you can see beautiful and gorgeous basilica’s right in your home town! This is Edmonton, a city that many people believe there is nothing beautiful in. So if you are visiting or live here and love looking at beautiful architecture. Look no further St.Josephs will satisfy that urge.

There is beauty around everyone. If you can not see it, you are only looking for the ugly.