Suspended in time

With crystal blue skies, hot  hot heat, and beautiful desert land we ventured across the Rosedale suspension bridge that is 9 KM outside of Drumheller. I have always wanted to go across a rickety old suspension bridge, yes the kind where the possibility of you falling through the boards is pretty high, so whenever I hear there is a suspension bridge I have to go! Unfortunately and fortunately this bridge is very well maintained and is quite an attraction for Drumheller visitors. Even though it is not hanging on by a wire it was still very cool and large, but not very high so this is a great bridge if you are afraid of heights. It was the longest suspension bridge I have been on. The reason I do not have a picture of the bridge itself is because you can google Drumheller suspension bridge and you will see that about 50 other people have taken the same photo. It is like the Eiffel Tower of Alberta I guess!

If you can not make time for it, it is not that important to you. If it is then stop making excuses and make time for it.