It’s Warming Up!

My final days of work at the portrait studio were both sad and dragging. I will miss that job very much. I have learned so much working there! It is now time to move on to bigger and better things. Such as school and my own personal photography business. The last few days in Edmonton have been chilly and not the nicest weather. So being trapped in a windowless box was not so bad and it was much more bearable.  But today – my first day jobless – it is sunny, beautiful and hot! It has been wonderful to spend it outdoors and soaking up that last bit of summer. I hope it last for the whole next two weeks so I can do a bunch of outdoor stuff. This photo is of Edmonton’s city hall. It has crystal clear blue water flowing from the fountains. It is a wonderful wading pool and would be very nice to walk into on a day like today!

Tip of the day: Wear sunscreen if you are not tanned!