Alberta Sunset

As we drove the outskirts of Edmonton we decided stopped and shoot some photos. Alberta has a rather stunning countryside and since I am here I have enjoy the best of it. That was not difficult to do last night, as you can see, we enjoyed a stunning sunset. While I do think that taking photos of sunsets are easier than taking pictures of a poop, I thought this sunset photo was really pretty. I thought that it added an interesting effect making the photo portrait instead of the typical landscape. I am a huge fan of portrait photos, I think it adds and interesting perspective to images, especially landscapes. Be warned though, if you plan to be on farmland at dusk, bring bug spray. Lots of it!

Know the difference:

Depression = Nothing matters

Sadness = Everything matters

So next time you think you are depressed and need to be medicated beyond belief – it probably isn’t the case. Enjoy the sadness, yes — enjoy. It means your alive!