Short Caption

In the book I am currently reading the author mentions that if you can not describe why you took your photo or what it means in once sentence, then it is probably too busy, confusing or complicated to captivate. I have based my blog around writing a little story behind each photo – trying to explain when, where, and what is going on in each image. Thoroughly I enjoy that style much more because it helps me to practice writing near daily, it allows me to go back to photos and see how I was feeling at a particular moment with explanation, also it is a great way to see progress with photography. My exercise with this photograph is to see if I can fully explain its feeling and meaning, in my eyes, with one sentence. 

Here it is:

I see a single leaf with the dew of a cooler, crisp, and humid morning – this photo in essence, is fall.

This is a style that I will attempt every so often. I do not think I will ever be able to resist the urge to write a little caption for every photo that I have passion for!