Old Barn

While we waited for a farm sized lawn mower to pass us along the dirt road, we had pulled into a side road. On the side road we happened across this old barn which I was ecstatic to take some pictures of. I know that a lot of people in Alberta actually buy these old barns, usually they are much smaller, and use them as decoration on their property. This one I am sure, is legitimately old – so that made it even more awesome. Initial shots were lacking the character this rustic barn needed, I had not noticed the eerie tree branches lurking within the barns vicinity . Once that sneaky branch crept into to my view finder it was like magic and the shot was made! Although it would have been cool to get inside and take some rustic barn photos! But unfortunately the land owners actual house was situated right beside the barn. Even with my disregard of boundaries, this was pushing the line.

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