Bicycle Hubbub

Yesterday I went to goodwill with a friend to find some awesome old furniture for her new house. While I was there I spotted a used 10-speed road bike. I wanted it so badly and it was only $30, but luckily the night before I had forgotten my purse at a friends house and I was unable to get it back until the evening. The reason I say it was lucky is because Zac happened to find nearly the exact same bike ditched on the side of the road! Since he is such a loving boyfriend and the bike was a girls he handed it over to me. What are the chances of that happening? I guess someone popped their inner tube and thought it would be too much work to replace is so they abandoned the ride. Aside from walking, biking is my main form of transportation and I do not have a road bike yet. So this bike will make getting from place to place a bit quicker. Thank you lady luck for sending me a wonderful new whip.  This image features the hub of the front tire. I love it!

Tip of the day? Make these cookies:

Salted Butterscotch

* I used 1 + 1/8 C whole wheat flour instead of  1 + 1/4 C bread flour and they were delicious!