Here we have a common specimen, the Spotted Tussock, aka the Woolly Bear Caterpillar (which is incorrect – it’s a whole other species!). These guys seemed to have infested Edmonton this year. They are so cute and I pet them usually every time I see one. I was kind of sad when I saw one floating in the water, it was too far out for me to reach and save. It was squirming and flinging itself around with no avail at saving its life – let us have a moment of silence. His life was no all but a waste I got a wonderful photo of him with a super cool effect. This lighting is completely natural. It’s like we caught the Tussock in headlights! What a beauty.

*Also I would like to saw their is barely any editing done to this photo

“If you have a skill that you are amazing at, do not be afraid of exercising it! It is not something to be ashamed of .”