Do what you love.

Hey everyone!

Being the student that I am, homework seems to be ruling my life lately. I have a moment now so I just wanted to do a little post and and express how excited I was that finally, after a month and a half, I got the chance to go out and do some photography. Zac and I recently moved and we moved right next to the Edmonton river valley. Initially I was feeling so lost behind the camera, with little to inspire me. After about an hour of walking and shooting random things I started to get back in the groove and loving my camera again. The North Saskatchewan River is nothing even close to the cleaning water on the planet, and I would not ever want to take a swim in it. Thankfully the seagulls love to swim in play in its filth. There was an empty barrel just sitting in the water and it was like a seagull chill zone and seagulls being naturally begging creatures there were pleasantly sitting and posing for us in the hopes for food.

I just love this photo. I love how the bottom half is completely desaturated and all you can see for color is the beautiful fall leaves along the riverside. I was told that it looks like the Gull is screaming to be beautiful like the fall colors.

I had about 5 minutes of extra time to do this post and I am so glad I took the time. Thank you for everyone who has been visiting and keeping an eye on my blog.  I will try to do another post sooner but extra time is close to non existent.

Here is something that I can say from recent experience: If you are doing what you love, surrounded by people who love the same things and who support everything you do then you will wake up happy every morning.