Seagulls are Cool

Seagulls are most definitely the rats of the sky. I think you become so used to the common gull in your area that you don’t really take a second to look and think how pretty they are or can be. Forget about all of the garbage they eat and how much of a pest they can be – think of all the entertainment they provide like when you are sitting in a parking lot bored out of your mind waiting in a vehicle eating some fries so you throw a fry out the window and in 2.5 second you have a whole gang of seagulls waiting more food with those beady little eyes begging you for just one more fry! I found this seagull particularly interesting with its cool brown spots, they are fairly common in Edmonton but I still think the spots look like freckles, and I like freckles. The sun also gave a beautiful glimmer to the water surrounding him as he landed.  I love nature!

“If  you feel like you are only surrounded by ugliness and stress, change the way you think and you will see your surroundings change”