Edmonton Core

I have had many people tell me they hate Edmonton. Sure, Edmonton is not the best city to live in if you aren’t in trades or….trades, but it is a pretty city in areas. We have a gorgeous river valley that runs right through the core. It feels as though you have left civilization for the time you are in it. We are expanding and building too which means more job opportunities. Edmonton is not my favorite place in the world, in fact I plan to move from Edmonton as soon as possible, but there is still a lot of beauty to be seen and things to be done. Enjoy it while you you are here and be happy that we are finally improving! Everywhere where we look there may be lots of construction but that is a good thing – it means things will look pretty and new soon.

This is the Edmonton I see! I love our downtown it has everything you could need – Farmers markets, river valley, the Legislature  cool little shops, bakeries, and lots of trendy cafes.

“Think beauty and you will see beauty”

** This was not an advert for the city of Edmonton