Bush Fire

I have recently moved to a gorgeous area in Edmonton, unfortunately my stay is short since I going to be relocating – again – in a week. In the mean time I have been enjoying the ravine and the beautiful “character” the neighborhood we are residing in embodies. We are surrounded by homes with wood shingling, trees bigger than anywhere else in Edmonton, and these amazing bushes! The reds, oranges, and yellows that make up the fall coats of the bushes are so wonderful. Normally these bushes act as a fence for people’s homes and I tried to take a shot of them lining a house but I started to feel creepy while I was stalking outside of somebody’s house taking pictures of their bush fence…and it does not help that it is very difficult to properly catch beauty of the bushes without having cars or houses in the background. So I settled to the solemn little bush that has inhabited the front yard, nestled bellowed a large pine tree. It will do.



You cannot let the moods of the people around you effect your own.