I love so many things today; I love fall, maple leaves, pumpkin candles, walking, days to do nothing, shopping, flower shops, coffee, tea and so much more! I spent my day today walking up and down Edmonton’s 124th street shopping district. I stopped at Duchess Bakery on my way back from shopping. I grabbed an americano and a couple of their infamous macaroons (so tasty!). I was a block away from my bus stop when I saw the bus coming. I started running but unfortunately this caused my coffee to spill all over me and I decided to scrap the bus idea. So I went on an adventure and walked home. I was so happy I did! On my walk I came across a large pine-cone  I decided to pick it up and carry it with me on my journey at the time I wasn’t quite sure why I felt the need to keep the pine-cone  Once I came across the most beautiful maple tree with grand leaves that were perfectly yellow I knew exactly what I was going to do with the pine-cone – a photo shoot! Earlier in the day I happen to have bought a pumpkin candle just because it went perfect with the fall air. Now that I had a pumpkin candle, a large pine cone, and some gorgeous yellow maple leaves –  I couldn’t wait to get home at take a great fall-esque picture. The pictures didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined, I need some gold glitter and a miniature pumpkin to perfectly capture my vision. The pictures still turned out nicely though. They are fall like and I especially love the one of just the leaves!


These 2 photos have the exact same story so they get to share a post

Try to do something new everyday!  (I always find that if I am in a bad mood doing something new always makes me happy)