I am long and overdue for a post. Life gets a little busy sometimes as I’m sure you all know!
Here is a collaboration of photos for you guys and a little story of an adventure: 

You wake up and realize that there is a thick fresh blanket of snow on the ground and the weather is as warm as winter can be. Now you have an irresistible urge to escape into the untouched forest outside the window


You put on the coziest snow pants, warm heavy boots, wool mittens, and of course the most important accessory of all; the camera. Your body is warm with excitement even with the chilly winter air. Stepping into the woods you cannot help but notice the beautiful lighting that is created from the late afternoon sun and tall trees working together. 

You feel so fortunate to be the first person walking on untouched snow trails. It is so refreshing. You are so blessed to experience the purity of the untouched snow. You know it will not last forever so you must capture that moment in time as fast as you can, whether on film or in your head.

Looking up you realize that the beauty is not only in the snow. The single leave holding on for dear life to it’s branch that it knows as home, the fallen log with a deep hole that may house a little creature, or moss that has always been there but loves the winter as much as summer; those things are all beautiful too.

But like all great adventures this one come to an end. The sun is settling to the west. The trees begin to feel eerie and all of the little creature were bound to be awoken by the presence of another heartbeat. So goodbyes are to be said until the next perfect day.