Science is Fun

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School is nearing its end, well for the semester anyways. So Zac (who is a video student) and I are cramming out final projects like nobody’s business and I am napping as I finish each one. Zac decided to wake me up from one of my naps to let me know that he was doing something really cool and that I would probably like to take photos of it. I was pretty pessimistic about the initial idea of moving mainly because I was woken up from a cozy nap and I had no idea what could be so exciting, more exciting than sleep. I sauntered my way downstairs anyways and realized that he was right!

One of his projects is to make a wicked after effects video. He was mixing food coloring and water, stabbing pickled onions with an array of colors, splicing oil with soap. The latter two are not so photography friendly so I resumed napping during those parts. But the result of the food coloring and water could be defined as beautiful, to me at least. We had a lot of fun working together in our mini studio erected in basement. A lot of the photos didn’t work out but the few that did were wonderful!

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I realized that I’ve been missing a part to my blog posts! The little quote or words of motivation that has been pushing me along!

“Instead of complaining about something that needs to get done, put that effort into doing it or fixing the problem and you will have nothing to complain about.”

Shorthand: “Just do it”