Behind the Scene

Let us start off with some Christmas cheer!

This little Christmas trees sits in the basement of my house. The photo I took of it was taken from below, like a worms eye almost.

Christmas tree (1 of 1)christmas 2 (1 of 1)

Recently I had been reading a book about Marilyn Monroe, which in turn inspired me to watch her movie The Seven Year Itch. It was a fantastic movie. In the movie she was featured in US Camera, a book that features different photographers and their images. The picture featured of her was called textures. It got me thinking about how much I LOVE taking pictures of textures.

Often my photos are close ups – like macros. Of course some of my photos are not, but I do find the photographs that get right into an object are the most powerful and revealing. It makes the eye see something in a big picture that normally would not have been seen as a cool or merely interesting. I enjoy taking those objects and creating and images that makes people say “Hey! That is really neat! What is it of?” and when I tell them what is a photo of, sometimes they are shocked. It is wonderful. Below are just a couple of pieces of furniture around my house that I find look really neat in their current lighting. Here is the beauty that I see in each piece and what the  actual object is. Enjoy! Tell me what you think? What are your favorite types of photographs?

We have this beautiful painting that hangs on our wall that I think look even more beautiful when you know it is made of a whole bunch of small squares of foil and some paint:


Painting (1 of 1)Painting 2 (1 of 1)

And then we have my favorite. This lovely chair in the living area that has flower print all over, but within all of the flower print…I spy and owl! It humors me every time I look at it:

Peaking owl (1 of 1)

owl peaking 2 (1 of 1)

Please remember:

People will do what they do. It is not in your hands to control them.