Bell Tower Shoes

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It’s a hot sunny Saturday morning. The farmers market is bustling and city halls pool is filled with joyful kids. There are two soon to be students running around downtown working hard and taking pictures for real estate agents.

 This was a beautiful day…about 6 months ago! To me it is unbelievable that the moment was so long ago. Looking at photographs from the past always makes it feel as though certain moments were just yesterday.  Currently it is about -20° C outside and Christmas is just around the corner.I am working on a project that requires me to go through ages of photos that I have taken. These two images I had forgotten to edit or even acknowledge past the point of taking them. I was drawn in by the shoes strung over the power cables just outside of city hall. It has a tone of rebellion to it. And as for the glass pyramid…well I am an architecture student so anything outside of Edmonton’s ordinary buildings intrigues me. I love shiny things and this metallic look glass top looks super cool on film. Yet another reason to love photography, do I really need any more? 

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Positive affirmation for the say:

I am informed and take responsibility for my choices.

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