A Walk in the Park

Beautiful Dog

Since the weather was so beautiful outside Zac and I decided to spend a few hours strolling around Harwelak Park. We had a mission for our walk; that was to spot lots and lots of birds and we succeeded – but that is for another post.

After about a couple of hours of hiking I really had to pee so we hiked our butts way out of the deep woods of the ravine and headed into the more populated area of the park. There happened to be tons of traffic this day because Harwelak was host to the snow skate festival. This festival caused the park to be bustling with families and their pets and with a dog park right across the river (connected by a bridge) there was lots of cute and beautiful dogs running around. I am a dog lover. I find dogs especially stunning when they have brown fur and contrasting green eyes. This green eyed and brown furred beauty came charging at me at the same time I was shooting some fast moving chickadees. My camera settings were perfect for the moment. I love that I captured him in action right against the  to the white wintry land. Stunning.

“There is always, always, always something to be thankful for” – author unknown