Coral Spot

branch diesease (1 of 1)

I feel like a researcher and a tracker while Zac and I walk around in the woods. We take note of new animal tracks, different sounds, what may causing creatures to do what as of late, investigate the different feathers we see laying around, keep track of the nests in the area, and we even notice different types of poos (for real). 

The forest that I happen to spend the most time in lately happens to be ridden with rotten trees, fungi,and an array of diseases. After a few minutes of research I figured out the disease photographed so nicely here is called Coral Spot (Nectria Cinnabarina). It grows on trees that are already dead. I think it may be the cause of the trees death as well but it does not show like this until the branches are lifeless.

I thought the colors of the spots was really neat to tree. Orange is very contrasting against the natural wintry woodland hues of browns, green, and whites; so this branch really stood out. Hopefully this disease doesn’t do much damage to the forest.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway”

– Eleanor Roosevelt