Seeing Double

sunrise 3 (1 of 1)

This is a follow up to the post From Sunrise to Sunset because the posts are about photographing the sun. In this post the photograph is of sunrise. What do I think is so great about the photo? It is great because without being told that you are looking the sun, you probably wouldn’t know and even though you don’t know who or what the subject is, it is still a great photograph.

Lately I have been wanting to try some new photography techniques. Here is an example. Most of the time when you take a picture you want it to be sharp and crystal clear. While I did get those shots of the sun I still wanted to try something a little more unique. So after a bit of playing around with settings I did the simplest thing and messed around with the focus. I played around until I felt the blur was perfect. I ended up with a neat artsy effect. I found the perfect unfocused spot to draw out the intense colors of sunrise.

You can not progress if you do not try new things!

“It’s important we set aside expectations and simply go with what presents itself in our lives. Sure we can make plans, set goals, and take steps to make them happen, but remember not to attach to them and flow with what changes occur. Be open to adjustments. This way, we will always notice the silver lining in every scenario.”