Horsing Around

Mule 2 (1 of 1)


Zac and I were driving around the Alberta countryside hopefully spot some cool wildlife. One the adventure we saw a red pole  pheasants, and a blue jay. It’s uncommon to see blue jays around at this time of year, but I guess there are still a few that stuck around for winter. Zac got some wonderful photos of all of the birds with the awesome 100 -400 mm lens he was using at the time. I did not manage to get quality photos of any of the birds.

However the adventure wasn’t completely at a loss. We were on a back road area that had a name relating to deer  We decided to give the place a shot in the hopes of spotting a deer. We did not end up seeing a single one. What there was a lot of in this area was horses. I wasn’t particularly intrigued because horses are an everyday thing around Alberta. 


Horse 2 (1 of 1)

That was until we came across this horse and mule pair. They noticed us and came right to the fence with looks of curiousness on their faces. I toyed with the idea of actually getting of the vehicle to try petting them. With a minor amount of convincing from Zac, I got out. Am I ever glad that I did! The horse was an attention hog, wanting to be pet the whole time. While the mule was very laid back, that is not to say he didn’t enjoy attention, he just didn’t demand it like the horse. Each time I turned my attention to the laid back Mule the horse was trying to get into my pockets, he was probably looking for a tasty treat. 

I love animals whether they are wild or domestic. Photographing any animal is a lot fun because their expressions and actions are always authentic. Also they have so much character that transfers to film so well.

On the adventure we also saw a really neat house. It was a castle! This post is about the animals. So if you want to see a picture of this very unique home click here. It’s not best photo but you get the point.


* I obviously could not take photos of myself with the horses.
That credit goes to Zac Peetsma

“The past has no power over the present moment.”

– Eckhart Tolle