Waiting for the Snow to go Away


Edmonton has been blessed with beautiful winter so far. That was until about a week ago. There has been a huge snow storm sweeping the city. For those of you that are sitting in your cozy homes, in a than a place not covered with a couple feet of snow or pummeled with monsoon rains. Here is a little glimpse of what is going on in the snowy parts of western Canada. The ground is covered in what could be about two or more  feet of snow.  People are trapped in their driveways and in ditches.  The temperature is sitting at about -6 C which is quite warm for a winter day here. The sidewalks are icy and covered with snow. Basically, it is difficult to travel anywhere.

Edmonton Stony Plain Accident

There is some tragic things that occasionally happens in this weather. As there is anywhere where the weather can get extreme. Today, just outside of Edmonton, on a major highway, there was a 100 + car accident. Our hospitals are on code orange which means that all floors have been deemed emergency. There are a lot of injuries and it has been difficult to get rescue to the area. I send my condolences and wish the best for everyone involved.

Edmonton Stony Plain

Although, if you keep a positive mindset there is so much to be enjoyed in this weather. You can go outside, act like a child and build a snowman or have a snowball fight. If you are into winter sports you can take a drive out to the mountains or your local ski hill and enjoy some skiing and snowboard. What about sledding? I would bet you haven’t done that in a while. You know that movie you’ve been meaning to watch or the book you’ve been meaning to read? Well take this weather as an excuse to not leave the house and catch up on some much needed relaxing time. Or do like Zac and I did, take your cameras and get some shots that you don’t normally get the chance to take.

Truck in snow with shoveller

Merry Christmas Everybody! 

Just kidding, but enjoy the weather.



Also, Zac made a video to showcase this extraordinary weather. Here it is!

 ” Be Here Now “