Goose and the Gull

With spring comes lots of new birds and including Canadian Geese. Since I live in a newly developed area with a decent sized pond I expected to see a ton of  geese flocking around and having little babies, but so far we have only one lonely goose. He spends his(or her) days doing laps around the pond by itself with the occasional company of buffleheads, mallards, or seagulls.

The other day I was walking around the pond to get some pictures of the buffleheads when I noticed the goose sleeping close to us. I tried to sneak up to get a peaceful shot of him but of course he didn’t stay sleeping for long. He was not on high alert but he definitely was keeping an eye on the slowly approaching photographer, me. The goose was in the company of a ring billed gull which are very common in the summer time. Lots of people consider gulls to be the “rats of the sky”. I can appreciate them though because they sometimes make a humorous addition to photos.

The goose and the gull were awesome models. They stood back to back for about ten minutes while I fired off as many shots as possible. Just as they were getting annoyed with me and getting ready to take off a gust of wind blew past and lifted the goose’s feathers just right.

Goose and gull 2

“I am tired, but I am not done”

– My running mantra