Camo Frog

Now that all of the snow has melted (hooray!!) our bird watching area has turned into a marsh. This has lead to an abundance of new birds, insects, and frogs…lots of frogs. 

While we silently waited to spot some birds Zac heard rustling in the dry leaves beside us. We had no idea what it could be because we couldn’t see a rabbit or a bird, the usual sneaky critters. And at the time we hadn’t seen any frogs around, ever. All it took was one wrong hop to blow it’s cover! We booked it over to where we saw him hopping around. Zac got to him first and started snapping away with his camera. Once I got there I was confused because I couldn’t seen a thing but leaves and twigs.  Zac kept trying to point out where the frog was but I could not see it for the life of me. Wood frogs are excellent camouflagers, or I am just blind. After a few minutes spotted the frog. Zac had to repeatedly pointed it out, to the point where he literally had to poke the thing for me to see it. I lost him in the leaves a few more times after that. Finally I had my eye on him and wasn’t going to let the frog get away. When Zac was done taking picture I got as low and as close as I could to take some gorgeous shots of him. 

There is now an abundance of frogs in our forest. You can’t walk into the trees or sit on the patio without hearing the loud croaking of the frogs. I still can never spot them though. This was the first and only once I have seen even though I know every time we are bird watching we are surrounded by frogs. I really enjoy the sounds though, so I will just have to listen instead of seeing them.

Frog Camo

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