American Tree Sparrow

American tree sparrow looking up

I am always amused by animals looking at the camera!

This is an American Tree Sparrow.  The sparrow only passes by Edmonton on it’s migration route. These guys are one of our new ground foraging friends. At the time that I took these photos we thought we had only one American Tree Sparrow and one of it’s friend(I will post about the friend next) but it turns out there is a whole flock that’s migrated in. 

We are members of the Edmonton Nature Club. Some of the senior members said it’s lucky to get good pictures of sparrows. Apparently they are difficult to photograph. We had no difficulty at all though! The sparrow was very friendly and didn’t seem afraid of Zac and I at all. Now we make sure to put extra seed on the ground to ensure these guys are getting fed too!

American tree sparrow in water

American tree sparrow being sneaky

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”