White Crowned Sparrow

White crowned sparrow jumping

This is the friend I was talking about yesterday! (Click here to see what “friend” I was talking about)

It took us a little bit of digging to figure out that the American Tree Sparrow and this White Crowned Sparrow are not actually the same species. Initially we thought one was male and one was female. The reason we thought they were together is because it seemed like they were chirping together and following each other around. I guess they just happened to migrate together, eat the same food, and live in the same bushes.

Theses pictures are some of my favorite nature shots that I’ve taken. I love the alert look in his face and the fluffed up feathers. He’s staring us down to make sure we won’t hurt him, I think. After a minute he relaxed and went about with eating. What a cutie!

White crowned sparrow tuft

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

– Walter Bagehot