Dramatic Alberta Skies

Since getting our company Wildlife & Weddings going I have been very focused on work that I have not been taking much time to myself. I decided it was time to take a break. I hopped on my bike and went out to a farmers field to take some landscapes of the dramatic weather that has been looming around. To my advantage I live within five minutes of many farmers fields.

Lately Edmonton has been getting flooded with storm after storm. It had been getting pretty tiresome but I was thankful for the stormy skies last night. Inspired by the many high contrast landscape photos that are always featured in the photography magazines and National Geographic’s, it was time to take a high contrast shot of my own.

I spent an hour avoiding people on quads, mosquito’s, and birds protecting their territory to capture these wonderful shots. Within that hour the colors of the skies changed about 50 times. It amazed me because I would be aimed one way taking picture then five minutes later I would turn around and there would be a whole new sky scene. Even as I leaving because I thought I that I had captured the sky the best I could, I looked back just in case and saw a whole new assortment of clouds that had appeared. Of course, I stopped and set myself up again to capture the beautiful scenery.

I am very happy with the way all of these photographs turned out and I am now excited for the next stormy day. Maybe I will be lucky enough to see a funnel cloud or two!

Stormy Sky-2

Stormy Sky-4

Stormy Sky-1

Stormy Sky-3

This one is my favorite!

“Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

– Earl Nightingale