One of the many things that is wonderful about photography is that you can take a fast moving object or scene and freeze it.  Capturing a moment in time is what photography is all about.

Taking pictures of running water such as water out of a tap or rain is always a cool shot. When people look at a still picture of water they know it is moving in real life which is what makes water photos so interesting. You can either use a fast shutter speed to snap a shot super fast and freeze everything leaving no sense of motion. Or you can have a slower shutter speed to capture all of the motion and to give a a feel of what is happening at the moment you are taking the picture, this is commonly done with waterfalls.

Here is a small collection of photos form the down pour over the weekend. The first shot is Edmonton’s gushing North Saskatchewan River and the rest are of the rain that surprised us on a walk to take pictures of the river.

Edmonton floodings-1

Edmonton floodings-2

Edmonton floodings-3

Edmonton floodings-4

Edmonton floodings-5