Grandville Bird Sanctuary

Vancouver Photography-6

This weekend I tagged along on a work trip with my love to Vancouver. Who could say no to a trip to one of the most beautiful cities in Canada? I spent everyday adventuring around the beautiful city and saw many awesome things so expect a lot of photos from my trip. 

On my second day in Vancouver I met up with a friend who also happened to be travelling from Edmonton. She was very familiar with the Vancouver area and since we weren’t able to go sailing because of poor weather we decided to explore Grandville Island.

Grandville Island is not much of an island, it is more of an inlet. The inlet is filled with cute shops, fancy boats at the harbor, ritzy sailing clubs, tasty restaurants, and a wonderful market. When you are at Grandville Island you would be crazy to leave without trying some the fresh food. Unfortunately for all of the visitors the sea birds have claimed the island as a “you buy and I” eat buffet. Think about the being surrounded by the seagulls from Finding Nemo always saying “Mine, Mine, Mine”. They don’t speak obviously but their eyes say it all. 

Being a huge animal fanatic I couldn’t resist teasing/feeding all of the shore birds with the idea of getting as close to them as I could. I even had one little bird eating out of my hand! I was not as skilled as the man who was sitting on the bench nearby who was covered by a blanket of pigeons. He was awesome, and kind enough to let me take his photo.

Vancouver Photography-8

Vancouver Photography-10

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