Lynn Valley

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Throughout British Columbia there are many suspension bridges. Some of the bridges are free to walk across and some cost way to much. The first one that often comes to mind in the Vancouver area is the Capilano suspension bridge. It is super high and long so it would give you an awesome adrenaline rush I’m sure. But if being on a high bridge gives you a thrill you should save your money and walk across one of the many huge architecturally brilliant bridges throughout Vancouver. I nearly got sucked into the idea of paying to walk across the Capilano bridge until I was brought out to Lynn Valley.

Lynn Valley has become quite the tourist spot since it is quieter than the Capilano are, is also in North Vancouver, and free. The bridge suspends over a beautiful canyon with two waterfalls. Also if you walk about ten minutes into the beautiful rain forest across the bridge you will come to an amazing lagoon which is home to a popular cliff diving area. The photo of the cliff diving area is the second picture in this post. The forest is filled with beautiful green mossy tree and peaceful waterfalls. 

You may be wondering if I took part in cliff diving? Well since it has been an adventure on my bucket list right next to sky diving ever since I was little, you bet you I did! It was a bit chilly since we were diving in at sunset but it was sooo worth it. The water felt so refreshing and the cliff is at the perfect height – it isn’t to high or too low. There have been a few fatal accidents in this area mainly due to the abuse of alcohol and people feeling invincible, so please don’t drink and dive.  It is an adventure that can not be missed out on!

It’s difficult to describe the full beauty of this place through words and photos alone. So please take it into your own hands to head out and visit Vancouver for a couple of days. Anywhere in B.C. is on my recommended list of places for people who are interested in shopping, food tasting, hiking, thrills, or simply new experiences.

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