Irish Wolf Hound

Vancouver Photography-36

The past year and a half I have lived away from home and it has been a big change from having a dog, parrots, and many other animals. I am a huge animal lover and I miss having animals around.  Animals are always so oblivious, funny, curious and spontaneous. We have two budgies at the moment who are very attached to each other so being with people is not one of their favorite things. They are cute but they can not replace the love that you get from a dog or other animals that bond to people.

So when we were in Vancouver and stayed Zac’s relative who massive Irish Wolf Hound, I was ecstatic. His name is Brogan and he is the biggest, sweetest, and best dog ever. For me the bigger the dog, the bigger the spot it holds in my heart. Brogan weighs 200 pounds so you can image how happy I was being around him.

The first morning that I was alone in Vancouver I made sure to take Brogan for a big walk around a busy avenue near our house. He is great with people, he loves being pet, and he adores attention. While walking Brogan you realize you are not the only one who is happy around big dogs. Everyone noticed him and for the most part he put huge smiles on everybody’s face which was by far my favorite part about walking him.

I am now back home in Edmonton and I probably will not see much of this dog for a little while. Until then I will enjoy the pictures and memories!

Vancouver Photography-34

Vancouver Photography-15“All of the animals except for man know that the principle business in life is to enjoy it”

-Samuel Butler