This Girl Is On Fire

This girl in on fire LQ No Logo-0329

I have a confession. My career as a photographer all started when I was a teenager taking “selfies” in the bathroom. Thankfully I have progressed from taking the embarrassing bathroom “selfie” to what I would consider a nice self portrait. One thing hasn’t changed though…I am still using my bathroom as a studio! 

Since none of the work I do is studio work I need to get creative when a random idea pops into my head that requires studio backdrops and lighting.  What I do have is a small room that happens to have a toilet, sink, shower, and very nice lighting. 

I will tell you all about the set up for these photographs since it is so simple. First of all the background is just a black piece of fabric draped over the shower curtain rod and I used matches as a prop and for lighting. The equipment I used is a 60D with a 50 mm lens. This really goes to show that with the right camera settings you do not need crazy gear to get unique and high quality photos. 

The photo above was shot with the bathroom lights on, so no need for matches. Then I had my LCD flipped out so I could properly focus and frame myself. I also set my 10 second timer and stood still. It is probably the most professional looking photo that I have of myself and I took it on my own! 

The bottom two photos I had my bathroom lights off so it was completely dark in the room. I set my 10 second timer. Then I would light a match just as my camera was about to shoot. I wasn’t sure how the photos were going to work out but the results turned out pretty cool. 

Of course there is quite a bit of post processing on these photos too.

What do you guys think? Do you have any cool stories about a way that you made a creative idea happen?

This girl in on fire LQ -0355

This girl in on fire LQ -0342