Snowshoe Hare

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It seems like every person has an animal that they have a hard time catching on camera, if you are trying. For me that animal is the snowshoe hare. Although I have managed to get a shot or two of a hare before nothing has compared to the shots in this post. I am so happy that I got these few beautiful shots.

It was a day like any other. The only difference was the hare happened to be in a very brave mood. He calmly sat not even a meter away from me while I snapped as many shots as I could until something frightened him and he scurried away. 

I am trying to get away from photographing nature in a basic documenting way. I want to document our species, compose the shots well, and also create an art piece. The natural colors in theses two shots combined with the softness of the rabbit make them some of my favorite pictures of a common critter.

Do you have an animal that never seems to sit still long enough to get a shot?

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