Winter Wonderland

In Canada many people spend the whole summer dreading the first snowfall. I think a lot of us have forgetten about how beautiful snow really is. We forget that many people do not get to experience snow. This year I made sure to embrace the first blanket of snow and appreciate the real luxury of the season. I did this by bundling up as much as I could and exposing as little skin as possible to head out to photograph the scenic quali snow. 

If you have forgotten what is so great about a snowy winter here is a few things to remember:

The feeling of the calm and still air after a blizzard.

Looking out at night and seeing how bright is is because the moon light is reflecting off of the snow.

How comfortable you are with a cup of tea cuddled next to a fireplace.

For birders – animals will come to your feeders more often! 

Going for a walk in fresh snow and feeling like an exploring adventuring uncharted territory because you have left the only tracks.

Christmas is coming!

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