Star Budgies

Nov 19 Edmonton MW-0080

Most of the bird watching I tend to do is outside. Occasionally I turn my attention to our two skiddish budgies. Their names are Chipper(in the blue) and Daisy(in the green). They are so full of energy and character it is difficult to not get distracted by their antics. 

Chipper is the trouble maker. He is always finding a way to bug either us or Daisy.  He will go up to Daisy to bother her until she gets angry then he will fly away only to come back and do the same trick 10 seconds later. Also they are spoiled budgies – they have two cages. Each of them are conveniently placed on either side of the computer desk. Chipper takes advantage of his cage placement by swooping as close to our heads or computers as he can to assure that we pay attention to him whenever he wants. But Chipper is also a sweetheart. He will give you kisses and chirp little sweet peeps at you from time to time. I am happy to have captured his sweet side on camera in the portrait below.

Daisy is very opposite from chipper. She is shy, short tempered, and loves to eat. Ever since day one daisy has eaten none stop whether it is broccoli, millet, apples, or seeds. We make sure to give them two of everything so that both budgies can eat otherwise Daisy’s big bum stops Chipper from getting any food. Daisy is also terrified of the camera. So getting a portrait of daisy is difficult but I am sure with time she will relax. 

Together their personalities balance each other out and make them the bestest of friends. 

What kind of pets do you have? What is your favorite picture of them?

Chipper MW-0024