Victoria Road Trip

Victoria Bloggable MW-0099

My next few posts are going to follow my week long road trip adventure to Victoria, B.C. If you have never been – this next week of post will give you a good example of what it would be like on this gorgeous island. Maybe you will soon be packing your bags and on your way!

First off, the drive from Edmonton, Ab to Victoria, B.C. is absolutely gorgeous. Although it is a 10 hour drive and a 2 hour ferry ride, the trip flies by. The first few hours are not very exciting but once you hit the mountain…wow. While driving through the mountain mid October you will experience just about every weather condition from snow, to rain, to very dry, to very humid. Since you are on a roller coaster of roads and cliff the air pressure changes (don’t look out the window while on the Coquihalla if you have a fear of hieghts or easily get road sick).

I am not 100% sure at what point of our drive this picture was snapped. I do know that it was on the Coquihalla Highway with a long lens pointing out of the front windshield. I really love taking photos while driving. Even as a kid I remember sitting in the back seat snapping pictures out the back windows. Normally can’t stand in the middle of a highway to get a photo so you often end up with a point of view that is not usually photographed.

Do you ever take pictures from inside a car or do you stop the vehicle at every photo op?