Birds of Victoria

Victoria Bloggable MW-0419

The colorful Wood Duck

Victoria is located in Canada’s only rain forest. Since it is a rain forest they get a ton of birds.  I love bird watching so naturally I was excited to get photograph all of the new kinds of birds!

These photos were taken at a variety of location throughout Victoria like at a golf course, at the break water, by Hatley Castle, East Sooke Park, and even at a a wildlife rescue center!

Where is your favorite place to find new animals and birds?

Victoria Bloggable MW-0526

A teenie tiny Golden Crowned Kinglet

Victoria Bloggable MW-0627

Some elegant Trumpeter Swans

Victoria Bloggable MW-0505

One of my favorites, the Northern Flicker

Victoria Bloggable MW-0255

A gang of friendly Mallards

Victoria Bloggable MW-0247

The American Coot. They have the coolest eyes!

Victoria MW E3-0415

A rescued Barred Owl

Victoria MW E2-0143

A common but cute House Sparrow

Victoria Bloggable MW-0608

Finally, we have a Cormorant in the shadows