Landscapes Of Victoria

Victoria MW E2-0244

The amazing thing about being on Vancouver island is that getting to the ocean is never a problem. You are literally at the most a two hour drive away from a beach. So while some of the family sat back to watch the football game the rest of us decided to go for a hike at East Sooke Park. Hiking around East Sooke is amazing. There are a ton of cliffs and you are never short of ocean and trees.

Normally when I am on a hike I am looking for birds. The lens that you would use to shoot birds and other animals is much different from the lens that you would normally use to shoot landscapes. So it is usually a tough choice between the wide and the zoom. But on this hike I didn’t even think of the wildlife I may miss because the landscapes were so gorgeous. It was such a treat!

At the moment Victoria, B.C. is covered in snow (as far as I’ve heard). I took these photos about a month ago and it really reminds me of quickly things can change.

Victoria MW E2-0274

Victoria MW E2-0308

Victoria MW E2-0390

Which of these photos are you favorite? Why?