Driftwood Trees

Victoria MW E3-0492

Zac and I were both running around a beach in Parksville, B.C. trying to get photos of the flocks of shore birds. We ran into two problems though. The first one being that Zac was not wearing rain boots, like me. This prevented him from getting as close as I could to the little birds. Since I could walk into the ocean a little bit I told him that I would walk across this pool of walking blocking us from the next sand bar and send the birds his way. That was where we ran into our second problem, I am easily distracted by cool things.

The cool thing that I was distracted by were these unique pieces of wood that stood like trees rooted into the beach. I am not completely familiar with driftwood so it took me a few moments to realize that these trunks had no roots where they were. Who knows where these trees came from! Now they were so nicely arranged on the beach together like they would have been when they were alive.

I spent a long time photographing these driftwood pieces for the perfect shot. I finished with so many great shots and it is hard to choose my favorite but I think I have narrowed it down to these two. I am so thankful that I was travelling with a patient group of people who understand my photographic needs. 

Victoria MW E3-0485