Victoria MW E2-0011

One afternoon during our trip in Victoria we took a stroll along a beach. I was kept company by a sweet little 6 year old girl who was filled with energy. She was so keen on doing anything an adult could do. She was determined and adventurous. Thank goodness! Her sense of curiosity had led us a very unique spot.

While on our stroll we came upon a giant old growth tree that had fallen over.  Before we could even think of turning around because there was a giant tree in the way my little friend decided to keep the adventure going. She climbed over the huge fallen tree to prove that she is able to do awesome things.  So I walked around the tree into the water to prove how awesome rain-boots are. It seemed like not many people made it past this giant tree but the homeless and victims of shipwreck. We ended up on a beach  that looked like a boat graveyard. I didn’t get many photos but the one that I did get turned out awesome!